Dermal Fillers Lip Augmentation

Lip Volumising with Dermal Fillers

Lip enhancements with hyaluronic dermal fillers have become very popular cosmetic treatments

The dermal fillers are injected into the body of the lip to create a fuller more youthful lip

Lip enhancements with hyaluronic dermal fillers are temporary and last from 3-12 months dependant on product used and patients lifestyle.

Many dermal filler products are available always choose a clinic that provides lip enhancements with dermal filler that are CE Marketed and have good clinical studies.

Dermal fillers are medical devices and you should ensure your treatment is provided by a qualified medical professional who has received recognised dermal filler training and review the photos of the lip augmentation treatments they have previously injected .

Many dermal filler companies now provide specific products for lips enhancements that have lignocaine to assist with pain management including Restylane-Lip and Juverderm Ultra Smile the standard products such as Juvederm Ultra 3 provide the same results.

Many cosmetic clinics will also give you the option to have a dental block before your lip enhancement to ensure minimum discomfort during the treatment.

For more information regarding lip enhancements with dermal fillers please review our cosmetic information section.