BOTOX-botulinum toxin and Botox Training

Botox is the registered trademark for Allergans botulinum toxin product which is widely used off license for cosmetic wrinkle treatments.

Allergans Botox product has been used for over 20 years in medicine and is used as a treatment for many medical conditions including excessive sweating and muscle spasms.

The cosmetic treatments with botox botulinum toxin were discovered when optimologists treated patients muscles for squinting eyes and discovered the reduction in facial lines in the crowsfeet area.

Sinced introducion as a cosmetic treatment botox has become a household name which many associate with cosmetic treatments.

BOTOX is a registered trademark of Allergan Inc.

Find clinics that provide BOTOX wrinkle treatments with BOTOX

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BOTOX Training Courses

For Medical Doctors(GMC), Dentsist(GDC) and Nurses(NMC)


BOTOX Training

Cosmetic Procedure Training Courses in Harley Street, London

Certification in medical aesthetics and verifiable Continuous Professional Development points for each course.