Micro-thermocoagulation treatment (or Veinwave®)


To reduce the appearance of thread veins, primarily facial thread veins.

The treatment:

This treatment is currently carried out by doctors, nurses and specially trained beauty therapists.

This treatment involves destroying the thread vein by heating it using microwave technology. The practitioner inserts a needle in the skin alongside the thread vein. This is used to apply heat to the vein, which is immediately destroyed.

This treatment is primarily used for thread veins on the face. A session of treatment lasts around 15 minutes. Only one session is usually needed, although some people may need two.

The results:

Thread veins will appear fainter or, in some cases, disappear. The treatment is not always permanent.

The risks:

The skin in the treated area will look pink after treatment, and small scabs will form. These will usually heal quickly, though the healing process may take longer in some people. There may be a risk of scarring.

Before you start:

Thread veins may indicate an underlying vascular condition. You should visit your GP for a general health check before micro-thermocoagulation treatment to make sure that your thread veins do not point to a more serious condition.

It is important to remember that microwave treatment doesn't stop other veins in the treated area becoming prominent in the future.

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