Lower body lift


To alter the shape, size or appearance of the buttocks and thighs

The procedure:

A lower body lift is a surgical operation that will take place under a general anaesthetic. The procedure can last up to five hours.

The surgeon will make a series of crescent-shaped incisions along the upper buttock and the outer and inner thigh. The position, number and size of these incisions will depend on the extent of the surgery required but are normally quite long. The surgeon will then remove sections of skin before pulling the remaining skin together and stitching it. Sometimes this process is combined with liposuction.

The results:

The lower body should appear thinner and firmer

The risks:

General risks associated with surgery - see Considering cosmetic surgery?

The surgery leaves permanent scars and can leave your legs and buttocks with an asymmetrical appearance.

Before you start:

Reducing your overall weight through healthy dieting or regular exercise could also reduce the size and firmness of your thighs, so you may wish to try conventional methods of weight loss and exercise before choosing surgery.

A lower body lift should only be used when dramatic results are required. You may want to discuss alternatives with your doctor or cosmetic surgeon.

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