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Dermal filler injectable cosmetic treatments for lip enhancements and facial contouring information.

Static wrinkles and lines on the lower face can be treated effectively with dermal fillers. Due to the muscles of the upper face botox is the best cosmetic treatment for the upper part of the face even though dermal fillers can be used.

Line and Lip Treatments with Dermal Fillers

Many line and lip creams and lotions exist which provide reductions in facial lines. Dermal fillers provide instant results and the most effective treatment for softening or eliminating facial lines and enhancing lip lines and lip volume.

What is a Dermal filler?

Dermal fillers are mainly hyaluronic acid based products which are injected under the skin to fill facial lines, lip enhancements and facial hollows.

Some of the most popular brands of hyauluronic acid dermal fillers include Juvederm Ultra, Restylane and Teosyl.

Dermal fillers provides the best results when treating the lips and lower face for the correct indications, your clinicain should discuss the options available which can include combinations of cosmetic treatments dermal fillers, chemical peels and botox to acheive the desired aesthetic outcome.

Most dermal fillers are temporary treatments which usually last 6-12 months depending on patients lifestyle, products used and areas treated.

There are semi permanent fillers on the market which can last longer, but hyaluronic dermal fillers remain the most popular treatments.

Always check to ensure your clinician is medically qualified to provide medical aesthetic treatments with dermal fillers.

For more information on dermal fillers see The Beauty Advice Cosmetic Procedure Information.

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