Skin rejuvenation for young and mature skin

Drooping of the upper eye lids

Thinning skin under the eyes

Thinning of the lips loss of volume in cheeks will result in deep nose to mouth lines and joweling in the lower aspect of the face

Deep nasolabial lines due to tissue loss

Thinning of the lips

Jowls in the lower face due to volume loss in the upper and lower face

In previous sections of this site, we have discussed the different component of ageing which will ultimately affect our appearance as time passes. We also discussed the two types of ageing (intrinsic) ageing which is normal and extrinsic ageing which can be prevented and is mainly responsible for us looking older than we should.

We will disucss some non-surgical options which can be combined or use in isolation to improve one’s appearance. Informaiton on the specifice treatments can be found in the procedure section of this site. It is our expereince that these procedures are the most cost effective treatments to improve one’s appearance. You should identify if your clinicians is skilled in facial rejuvenation or just skilled providing a few treatments. Review this site for names of clinicians skilled in full facial rejuvenation.

Facial Rejuvenation Spectrum

The range of beauty products can be segmented into the following catagories as follows:

Topical Treatments
Usually treatments that are placed topically on the skin for skin rejuvenation. Topical products sold by medical professionals are more effective with clinical active ingredients that will result in improvement of the skin. Refer to the chart for guicance on what modalities can be treated topically. All ages can use topical treatments to prevent premature ageing.

Texturing Procedures
These are procedures that can be combined with topical to improve the quality of the skin texture. Flaccidity, fine lines, enlarge pores, acne, hyperpigmentation and sun damaged skin can be treated quite effectively with texturing procedures. The most cost effective texturing procedures are AHA Peels, TCA Peels and Microdermabrasion. Combined with topical
treatments, young and mature skin can see improvements within weeks. All ages can use
texturing procedures to prevent and improve the skin’s texture.

These are treatments which adds volume to the face. There are many volumizers in the market but only a few are predictable and cost effective. Your clinician should be able to assess your needs and identify if the individual needs volumizing for improvement of one’s appearance. Inividuals over the age of 30 will most probably need some form of volumizing since the skin will begin to lose collagen and elastic in the mid face as described in the beginnign of this section.

Muscle Relaxants
Presently there are only two muscle relaxants on the market –Botox® and Dysport® with Botox® being the most popular. Muscle Relaxant treatments relax the muscles by intersepting the nerve impulses that triggers muscle functions. This procedure is used mostly in the upper face and in the neck area to minimize and temporarly smooth out dynamic lines on the face. Muscle Relaxant Treatments are rarely used on the lower face since the procedure can make one look expressionless.

Skin Stimulation and Hydration
Mesotherapy is a unique treatment which can be used in conjuction with texturing and topical treatments to rejuvenate the skin. The process involves simple microinjection into the mesoderm to stimulate collagen and elasting production. In addition, clinicians use hyaluronic acid with combination of vitamins to improve skin health from the inside. This treatment is very popular in Europe and South America by thousands of women and men to
keep the skin looking healthy and young .

Non-Surgical medicine has evolved thremendously in the past decade resulting in
consumer delaying plastic surgery for a later date. However when there is excess skin laxity,
drooping upper and lower eyelids and xcessive skin laxity in the lower aspect of the face and
neck non-surgical procedure cannot create the improvement that most individuals are looking for. In this case surgery is the only option. However, once the facelift is completed, one will still continue to age therefore, the treatments described above can be utilized to compliment the face lift and to prolong its effects.



Treatments and indications
Treatments for lines and wrinkles glabellar, forehead and crows feet (corners of the eyes)

Dermal Fillers to enhance lips and reduce lower facial lines - deep nose to mouth lines and joweling in the lower aspect of the face

lipoatrophy - Radiesse -Jowls in the lower face or cosmetic surgery.

Topical Treatments

Cosmeceuticals anti ageing

Skin Moisturiser

Vitamin Creams

Wrinkle Creams

Sunscreen to prevent skin damage.

Texturing Procedures

AHA Peels

TCA Peels

ICP peeling system


Combined with topical treatments.


Radiesse for hand and facial volumising

Hyaluronic acid -Dermal fillers -brand names Juvederm Hydrafill SoftLine Max, Belotero,Restylane.


Muscle Relaxants-Wrinkle Treatments

Presently there are three companies manufacturing muscle relaxants in the cosmetic market.


Skin Stimulation and Hydration


Cosmetic Surgery
facelift surgery can be the best option idepending on indications.