Lip power

Lip augmentation will significantly make a face look younger, softer and more sexy.

Full, luscious lips have always been sought after, regardless of age. A plump pout is considered to be a sign of youth and an icon of sensuality. A well defined lip with a full body adds sex appeal to any woman’s face regardless of her age. In fact, I feel lips can be the most youthful aspect of a face, along with full, high cheeks.

Our lips thin as we age. The thinning of the lip border and the lack of lip fullness can give a pretty face an aged look. Since, we are healthier, more active and fitter than we have ever been, the aged look of certain aspect of our face does not coincide with how one may feel about themselves. Lip augmentation can significantly make a face look younger, softer and more sexy. Please review this section of the site to evaluate if lip augmentation might be a possible solution to enhance your natural beauty.

To achieve a very natural look to the lip, the clinician performing the procedure should not attempt to change the natural shape of the lip but should try to correct any asymmetries and enhance the natural shape of the lip by injecting product into the vermillion border and into the body of the lip. If the philtrum ridge is undefined, the injector should create a philtrum ridge.

The information above may appear invasive but the procedure is very simple and takes only a few minutes. Most injectors use a dental block so the discomfort is minimal. Enhancing the lip to create a more sensual mouth takes one minutes and the procedure is not painful when appropriate pain management protocol is used. Most experienced clinician use mild infiltration with 2% lidocaine. Make sure you ask your clinician before you agree to the procedure if they use anaesthetic to minimize the discomfort. If they administer only local anaesthetic, I would reconsider having the procedure with this individual. Proper pain management is an essential part of this service.

As you can see lip enhancement does not mean that the lip will appear noticeable larger. However, it is quite apparent that the latter photograph of the lip is much sexier and enhances this individual’s profile. If you reviewed the section “the art of beauty” lip volume is considered an essential aspect of a beautiful face. It is the combination of multiple procedures including lip enhancement that will make your face appear more youthful.


Treatments and indications
Treatments for lines and wrinkles glabellar, forehead and crows feet (corners of the eyes)

Dermal Fillers to enhance lips and reduce lower facial lines - deep nose to mouth lines and joweling in the lower aspect of the face

lipoatrophy - Radiesse -Jowls in the lower face or cosmetic surgery.

Topical Treatments

Cosmeceuticals anti ageing

Skin Moisturiser

Vitamin Creams

Wrinkle Creams

Sunscreen to prevent skin damage.

Texturing Procedures

AHA Peels

TCA Peels

ICP peeling system


Combined with topical treatments.


Radiesse for hand and facial volumising

Hyaluronic acid -Dermal fillers -brand names Juvederm Hydrafill SoftLine Max, Belotero,Restylane.


Muscle Relaxants-Wrinkle Treatments

Presently there are three companies manufacturing muscle relaxants in the cosmetic market.


Skin Stimulation and Hydration


Cosmetic Surgery
facelift surgery can be the best option idepending on indications.