How to choose your non surgical and surgical expert

In the UK anyone with a medical qualification such as a nurse, doctor or surgeon is licensed by law to perform non surgical procedures. The level of skill and experience offered varies widely.

Because of the industry popularity, most medical professionals are taking one day courses in a range of procedures without learning facial assessment. Therefore these clinicians wait for you the clients to tell them what you want which in most cases is not correct since you the client cannot really know without training to identify your overall needs.

However the information on this site should give you a lot of resources to assess your clinician’s skills more intelligently. Step one is to inform yourself about how your body and skin age and all factors that impact your appearance. On this site, we give you a lot of insight on what procedures can make dramatic improvement to your appearance. Read up on the procedures or send us an e-mail if you have further questions about the particular procedure you are considering.  Most of the clinicians listed on this site are facial experts so the clinic locator can be used to evaluate clinicians in your local area.  

When choosing your clinician, consider the following:

  • Qualifications: Confirm legitimacy
  • Training: Qualified Training Companies
  • Consultation: Look for comprehensiveness, openness and compassion
  • Advertising: Be sceptical
  • Personal referrals: Ask friends and family
  • Fees: Make sure it is all inclusive
  • Instinct: Trust your own feeling

Make sure that the person is a doctor or nurse and not an unqualified individual who is providing your treatment. This is a somewhat unregulated industry and some training companies are training unqualified individuals to provide the treatment. If someone is offering you a very low price for the procedure, you should investigate their qualification to establish if they are qualified to provide the treatment.

There are only a few good courses in the country. A solid training organization should be training medical professionals on a range of procedures so that they are competent to assess their client needs and set realistic expectations. Most consumers tend to think that years of experience will guarantee optimal treatment outcome but this is not the case. A well trained individual can quickly surpass the skill of a poorly trained clinician who has been working in the field for ages. In fact most of the medical professionals who have been trained by K-T Training are better skilled to diagnose and create optimum results at an affordable price. Please view our model testimonials.

A short consultation which consists of you telling the doctor what you want is not good enough. Your consultation should involve a facial assessment and the clinician should be trained to assess if what you are requesting will give you the result that you want. It is the clinician job to let you know what you need to improve your appearance. For instance, if you went to purchase a computer and explained to the sales person your needs, it is the sales person job, if trained properly, to assess if your needs coincide with your request. If not it is his/her job to let you know the limitations of your request and to make the correct recommendations. This is a skill that medical professionals are not trained in and tend to respond to requests instead of assessing needs and making appropriate recommendations based on the conversation with the client. It is very rare that we receive this level of service in the UK but for your face it is mandatory that you find the correct clinician since this is an highly emotional purchase and you deserve the best for your hard earned money.

Watch out for the advertisement that says facial rejuvenation but the clinician is only providing limited procedures. If you read the section on ageing, you will recognise that we age intrinsically and extrinsically. The clinician should be skilled to help you prolong your youthfulness by knowing how we age intrinsically. He/She should know how to repair damage to the skin (extrinsic ageing). If the clinician is limited in skills, they are not experienced to be your consultant. Do not look for years of experience in a particular procedures instead you should be assessing the person skill and knowledge in dealing with all the components of ageing.

Personal referrals
A referral is the best form of endorsement. However, the referee may not know if they are receiving the best solutions for their needs since the quality of service is not even at 5 out of 10.

Do not look for the cheapest price since clinician can cut cost by using less product or inferior products. Most consultations are free so you should book the consultation and assess the clinician. It is the only way to assess the clinician and the clinic.

You will know when are in the presence of a professional organization by how they treat and communicate with you throughout the pathway.


Treatments and indications
Treatments for lines and wrinkles glabellar, forehead and crows feet (corners of the eyes)

Dermal Fillers to enhance lips and reduce lower facial lines - deep nose to mouth lines and joweling in the lower aspect of the face

lipoatrophy - Radiesse -Jowls in the lower face or cosmetic surgery.

Topical Treatments

Cosmeceuticals anti ageing

Skin Moisturiser

Vitamin Creams

Wrinkle Creams

Sunscreen to prevent skin damage.

Texturing Procedures

AHA Peels

TCA Peels

ICP peeling system


Combined with topical treatments.


Radiesse for hand and facial volumising

Hyaluronic acid -Dermal fillers -brand names Juvederm Hydrafill SoftLine Max, Belotero,Restylane.


Muscle Relaxants-Wrinkle Treatments

Presently there are three companies manufacturing muscle relaxants in the cosmetic market.


Skin Stimulation and Hydration


Cosmetic Surgery
facelift surgery can be the best option idepending on indications.