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Information and advice about Botox and price:

What is BOTOX ?

Botox is the name of Allergans botulinum toxin which has been used for medical and cosmetic treatments including excessive sweating, wrinkle and line treatments. Allergan was the first company to have their botulinum toxin Vistabel licensed for the cosmetic treatment of lines that form between the eyes (glabellar area). The word botox is now a household name and is sometimes used or associated incorrectly with other cosmetic treatments.

The price of Botox treatments vary, most clinics charge per area, prices per area of botox can vary depending on your were the clinic is located for example London botox clinics can cost between £120-£200 per area depending on who is performing the treatment and the type of botulinum toxin the clinic chooses to use.

The price for botox wrinkle treatments may be reduced for more than 1 area. Outside of London botox prices can be cheaper from as little as £100 for 1 area of botox.

Always check to ensure your botox clinician is medically qualified and has recieved recognised training with botulinum toxins for cosmetic use. .

Botulinum toxins -Wrinkle Treatments -brand names include BOTOX, Vistabel, Azzalure, and Bocouture.